Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here's a mannequin from the History of Medicine Museum in Paris that I think is pretty neat. If I read the French correctly, the label says it shows acupuncture points. The other picture is a close-up of some cards that are in the case with the mannequin.

For those of you without personal acupuncture experience and perhaps doubt that it really can work, let me tell you it does. My husband always said he'd quit smoking when cigarettes hit $1 a pack. Of course, this was a very long time ago, and also of course, easier said than done. But he heard about a doctor in Austin or Houston, I don't remember now, who performed acupuncture and for $50 decided to give the guy a try. The doctor put one little staple-looking thing in Bob's ear, in that ridge of cartilage, put a piece of tape over it, and told him to leave it until it fell out. About a week later it did, but from the time the staple went in, Bob never smoked again. He said the cravings came and went in a flash, more quickly than he even had time to think about them, and gradually faded away. Amazing, isn't it? I'm a believer.


Don said...

I was very much a non-believer until my doctor suggested acupuncture for pain associated with a broken ankle. I couldn't understand why the pins went in my arms and hands as well as in my legs. This much I know. It worked and worked completely! I have since had acu for back pain with similar, although not complete, relief.

Kathleen Stocker said...

I'm glad to hear it worked for you, too. Several months ago my husband had treatment for some pain. The first one worked almost miraculously, the second one not at all.