Thursday, August 28, 2008

Engravings du jour

This one's largely for Joanna of Morbid Anatomy. We had a researcher looking at the 19th Century Army Medical Museum this week so I pulled down a book I enjoy using - Mary Clemmer Ames, Ten Years in Washington: Life and Scenes in the National Capital as a Woman Sees Them (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington & Co, 1874). This is from when a guidebook had opinions and was proud of them. Here's five plates that we've scanned from the book, because they relate to medicine or the Civil War.

NCP 000788

NCP 000787 "All that remains above ground of John Wilkes Booth..." - now that's a guidebook!

NCP 000786

NCP 000785 "The City of the Slain"! Talk about accurate!

NCP 000784

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kevin said...

I picked up 10 Years in Washington at a book store last week and am actually reading it now- it really is quite a bit of fun.
If anyone wants to explore it beyond the posted engravings, you can find a complete scan of the book online through google books. The link is