Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YMCA in World War 1

I emailed these three photos to myself a couple of weeks ago to post here, and of course don't now remember what led me to them to start with. In any case, I think they're interesting and not images you see every day.

Reeve 16000: YMCA kitchen. 11/05/1918. Metz, Lorraine. YMCA kitchen where all Allied prisoners of war are fed after being released from German prison camp.

Reeve 16079: YMCA, Chavonne, France. Bringing supplies to the YMCA. On the door is a large "Y" made from shells which landed near the door while under shell fire.

Reeve 16065: YMCA. Field Hospital #3. Froissy, France. Female workers giving refreshments to French patients.

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