Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trade literature additions

A couple of weeks ago, I personally bought a few pieces of 1950s trade lit for the collection - these pharmaceutical ads are all blotters for fountain pens. They're filed under companies' names now. They're not exciting, but the price at the flea market was right, and now perhaps someone will use them. Blotters, Phedrol, Agarol, Alcaroid... all gone.

Phedros blotter
Blotter - Phedros eases spasmodic and irritating bronchial coughs due to colds.

Agarol blotter
Blotter - Agarol for Constipation, William E Warner & Co.

Alcaroid blotter
Blotter - Alcaroid, an effective alkalizer and digestant, American Ferment Company.
[American Ferment Company? An honest name at least.]

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