Monday, November 9, 2009

Medical challenge coin challenge

Challenge coins have been proliferating in recent years, due to decreasing costs among other reasons.

Information can be found in this article -


We have an extremely large, but not well-catalogued, numismatics collection occupying a couple of safes in Historical Collections. To better position the Museum for the long-term addition of these to the numismatics collection, I’ve proposed that we scan the ones that people have on their desks, and record who was giving the coin out and when. I did the ones on my desk this morning



Ric Dalpay said...

It is a shame the public is not able to share this exhibit. The common perception is that history is written by the winners. The truth is; those who assist in restoring the community are the real historians.

Ric Dalpay said...

Many historians are unaware of the use of pins in military hospitals to assure access was only granted to the elect. It is a small point even now being revisited.