Thursday, May 27, 2010

Letter of the day, May 27

Pretty uninteresting letters save for the note at the end that was in the folder with other letters in this series of correspondence. Also, does anyone know when the federal fiscal year changed from June 30 to September 30?

Shown here is a different letter in the series. Note the signer's first name is spelled Adolf and as Adolph in the one transcribed below.

May 27, 1915.
No. 517.

Hammers Ateliers
31 Lake Street
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Sir: 

When may we expect delivery of orders from this Museum of February 16 and 23, 1915?

These orders should be filled and the specimens received at the Museum previous to the expiration of the present fiscal year, Viz:- June 30, 1915, in order that they may come within the appropriation for that year.

Very respectfully,
Eugene R. Whitmore
Major, Medical Corps, U.S.A.
Curator, Army Medical Museum.

The reply:

Hammer's Ateliers for Scientific Models
Plastic Studio of the Royal University Munich
U.S. Studio and Laboratories
Northwestern University Bldg.
31 West Lake Street
Chicago, Ill., June 2nd/[19]15

Mr. Eugene Whitmore
Curator, Army Medical Museum
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of May 27th has been received.

The specimens will arrive here in the near future, as we understood, that they left our European house some time ago.

Very respectfully yours
Hammer's Ateliers
pcr Adolph Hammer

And the note that makes it all worth reading:
Dr. Lamb:
I do not like this man's way of doing business. He speaks of the things coming from their European house; when we know that they are being made here in the United States.

Here is a catalog that was also in the file:

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