Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter of the Day: August 16 - purchasing the Gibson collection

Richmond Va

Aug 16th 1868


Dear Otis


Yours of the 14th was received yesterday + I saw Dr. Williams as requested + will have the [accounts? ] made out tomorrow + sent on as requested. Was it Baxter or who in the devil was it that sent me under the frank of Senator Yates that resolution concerning the appropriation forbidding the S.G. to use any more money? I think if it was Mr B that he out to be fixed + I would be the one to do it if I could get a chance at him. I am on the track of some fossils, which I hope to get for you disentered (sic, disinterred) at Manchester some time since. If I can succeed in getting them they will be a prize for you in the way of exchange if for no other use. I only hope that I can get them.


I am still gunning after that spec[imen] of regeneration of Mt Culp bones – and on a new track just now. A “little brief authority” I think will fetch it, together with #40 or #50, more I can not tell you at present for fear that I might fail.


By the way before I forget it can I have some more of my pics printed at my expense if so I would like 1 doz of the large + 3 doz of the small recollect I want to pay for them. I wish that I had some news to tell you but have not.


Yours truly,



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