Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letter of the Day: April 24


Quiniault, W.T. April 24, 1888.

Dear Sir:-

Your letter dated February 29th, with one from Doctor John S. Billings, U.S.A. was handed me by Captain Willoughby, then agent at this place.

In answer to the same I am sorry to be compelled to state that, up to the present time, I have been unable to procure a single skeleton, or anything of the kind, and am of the opinion, owing to the great superstition entertained by the natives, and the sacredness with which they hold the memory of the departed spirit, that it will be impossible to secure anything of the kind except by clandestinely robbing the graves. I will continue in my efforts to accomodate Gen. Billings, and will report to you the same.

Very truly,
[signed] Geo. W. Haymi,
Physician, Agency.

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