Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm done folks

After 22 and 1/2 years of being in charge of the Archives and working at the Museum, today was my last day. I wish the best to my former colleagues and the Museum. I'll probably post my new contact information here when I have it, but the work of this blog should fall to other hands now.

Mike Rhode


Joanna Ebenstein said...

You will be well missed, Mr. Rhode. So sorry to see you go, and please keep in touch!

Anthony Winston said...

Mike, Remember me, Anthony Winston. I worked with you on the donation of the Sully Painting of GAO to the Museum. Sorry to see you leave. I see that the Museum is moving. I hope they take good care of the painting. Would like to visit the new quarters sometime. Thanks for your long service. I wish you well.

Fabio said...

Mike, I am sorry to see you leave. I hope you do well in your new job, whatever it is. It is sad to see the Musem moving and AFIP gone. Take care, Fabio Tavora.

Mike Rhode said...

Thank you all for your comments. I'm not at the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Office of History.