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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exhibit update. A single cell

So this is actually 2 years in the making 
it started as an concept to update the current exhibit
with some relevant current research on this old dusty
section of out of date cases cursed with this hospital blue 
i wind up using that to inspire a color pallette

its really a section of curiosities we have at the museum. 
skeletons, conjoined twins, cyclops baby and so
these specimens could and did serve as this section
of human dev anatomy
called a single cell...


there was not much info, label text, which was fine, but no supporting
information, one of my colleagues, Emily Wilson, an anthropologist in the
human developmental anatomy section had a great research topic
that dealt with the limb development, and also co wrote other areas of the exhibit, these panels
contain her
research which I believe was presented at last years Mayo Clinics Symposium.
Congratulatons to her on a great job. Here Ms. Wilson (pictured below) is preparing
the specimens for redisplay in the exhibit.
this redesign can elevate this exhibit to another level.
More to come...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exhibit Design Rendering By Navjeet Singh

Its a draft, I am working on populating the space now.
will post it soon.

Deinstall of AAOS in Baltimore

Went up to Baltimore
with our exhibits manager (Pic right)and registrar(pic left) to deinstall the AAOS wounded in action
exhibit.  This is the lower gallery where we packed and cataloged the artwork. Here we are struggling
with a poorly packaged -- not crated -- artwork, the tatters that you see here was how it was sent to us, in a cardboard box, ...nonetheless I really enjoyed
designing this exhibit for this space, and hope to 
have shows there in the future. Thanks AAOS UMB.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

concept design for anatomical specimen display

concept design Navjeet Singh 2010
we have 15000 or so anatomical specimens,

, so its missing alot of color blah blah blah excuses circumstances. yak

I remember a thesis idea for containers and the many uses of
containers and their relevance to humans, where we send containers, containers inside containers inside containers...the house, the room, the closet...the way we live our lives. hmmm? ok whatever did this last night just a draft. enjoy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exhibit Development FlyThru David Macaulay Exhibit

Exhibit Development flythru of the Macaulay Show
by Navjeet Singh Chhina
photoshop/cinema 4-d /vectorworks
Exhibit is "David Macaulay presents; The way we work" and 
exhibits 55 of his drawings. At the museum until Sept 09.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Exhibit Coming up at NMHM, exhibit design by Navjeet Singh Chhina

Heres an early rendering of the exhibit. Kathleen took the photo of the the museum floor and I used that as a canvas to map the 3-d design to it, Its good to see what things look like at scale. I used photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, Vectorworks, and Cinema 4-d.