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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter of the Day: June 16 (2 of 3)

Jacksonville, Fla
June 16, 1895

Army Medical Museum.


I sent you by express yesterday a box of long bones – examples of platycnemia and pathological specimens – from the mounds of Florida. They were taken out in my immediate presence and are exactly labeled.

I have in Philadelphia a considerable collection of pathological specimens also made in my immediate presence. I think they would be more in place with you than where they are at present and I believe I could induce the present possessors to relinquish them.

I would not care to do this, however, unless you have space in the museum to place them – or the most interesting among them – on exhibition. Kindly drop me a line at your convenience to 1321 Locust St., Philadelphia, and oblige

Yours very truly
Clarence B. Moore

Bones received June 18, 1895

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter of the Day: March 24

Fort Barrancas, Fla.
March 24th 75

Dear Doctor

Will you do me the favor to discuss the probable history of the enclosed, with some of your scientific friends & return it to me when you have done so with your opinion as to its archaeological value?

It was picked up on the surface of a shell-heap “kjokkinmodding” at Bear Point, on the Alabama side of the Perdido bay. I am inclined to think that this locality was occupied by the Natchez indians at the time of De Soto’s expedition.

The point of interest to be ascertained in regard to the specimen I send you are - What is the white metal around the copper?

Is it the work of white men or of the Indians, in whose possession it doubtless was when lost in the vicinity of one of their villages? Has the copper or the metal surrounding it been smelted, or was it worked to its present form by maneuvering and polishing? What was the probable use to which the article was put? Money? Ornament? Or charm?

Very truly yours,


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Letter of the Day: February 23 (2 of 2)

U.S.A. Post Hospital

Jacksonville, Fla

February 23, 1869




I have the honor to forward you the receipts signed, and desire to be informed if the alligator when received was in good condition, as the delay caused by Quartermasters has been considerable, about six or seven weeks from Jacksonville to Washington!


Very respectfully

Your Obedient Servt

Theodore Artrand



Brevt Lt Colonel Otis U.S.A.

Curator Medical Museum

Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A couple of pictures

Nothing special about these. They just appealed to me.

cp 4355
CP4355, Travois Litter [in front of Capitol building, Washington, DC] by Capt JC McDonald, photograph by CM Bell.

Reeve 072203, Airplane, 1910. "Rhodes - Gosman aeroplane trial, 01/26/1910. Fort Barrancas, Florida."