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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter of the day, May 20 (1 of 2)

That darn metric system!!

George Tiemann & Co.

67 Chatham Street,
Corner New Chambers Street,
New York City, May 20, 1884

Dear Sir:

We fear we must have made an error in calculating. We calculated 2000 cubic centimeters being a trifle more than 3 1/2 pints. The light bag, when measured, holds just 3 ½ pints & you state that it held only 11 c. centimeters.

Would you not kindly inform us, how many pints a 3000 c.c. & 2500 c.c. is equal to? We calculated 5 ¼ pints for the 3000 & 4 2/5 pints for the 2500 c.c. The workman can make the instrument better by having it in pint measurements.

Is the above calculation correct? As soon as we receive an answer, we shall immediately make them & send them on. Is the tubing in the one (returned) large enough, or would you like it larger?

Very [truly?] Geo. Tiemann & Co.

W. Mathews M.D.
Surg. U.S.A.
Washington D.C.

[Beautiful letterhead, when you take the time to look at it closely.]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More "letterhead" from the collection

I'm captivated by the different fonts down the page. Isn't that beautiful?
Higher resolution and a larger size available over on flickr.