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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter of the Day: March 10

We’d like to again thank COL Barnes and Mr & Mrs Weaver.



Presentation of Instrument to Medical Museum

10 March 1959



Col F M Townsend, USAF (MC)  Deputy Director, AFIP

Capt W M Silliphant, MC, USN  The Director, AFIP

Col Joe M Blumberg, MC, USA  Deputy Director, AFIP

IN TURN (copy for each)


1.       Mr. B. Woodruff Weaver, a Washington lawyer, and his wife would like to present on behalf of their uncle, Colonel Theodore Barnes, USA (Ret), now living in Florida, a signed, 16-blade scarificator to the Museum.


2.       The circumstances which led to this presentation are:


a.       Mrs. Weaver first saw this instrument at the Antique Show at the Shoreham Hotel and telephoned to ask if the Museum would be interested in having it and, if so, she suggested that a representative of the Museum examine this instrument. If it would make a worthwhile addition to the Museum’s collection, and if the price seemed to be fair, to so inform her and she would take steps to purchase it.

b.      A member of the staff of the Museum examined the instrument. It was found to be a signed model and unlike any other in the Museum. The price of $35.00 seemed reasonable and Mrs. Weaver was so informed.

c.       As Mr. Weaver had been asked by his uncle to procure rare or unique items for museums, he took immediate steps to purchase this instrument for the Medical Museum.


3.       It would be very much appreciated if Captain Silliphant would formally accept the scarificator and Colonel Townsend and Colonel Blumberg could be present. As Mr. and Mrs. Weaver seem interested in donating rare and unusual items to Museums, formal acceptance of this scarificator might be the opening wedge for them and for other philanthropic persons to take a more active interest, in a material way, in the Medical Museum.

4.       Assuming Captain Silliphant would be willing to accept the scarificator, information is requested as to whether he would be available on any of the dates indicated in the following table or whether he would have a preference for any particular one. These dates are all satisfactory to the Weavers. The time would be either at 1030 or 1430 hours. [TABLE NOT RETYPED]

5.       It is also suggested that Colonel Townsend and Colonel Blumberg indicate their intention of presence.

6.       All of the scarificators in the Museum’s collection will be on display in the Curator’s office.

7.       No luncheon is planned, but tea and coffee will be served.

8.       A press release will be sent to LCdr Parker with the request that he and a photographer be present at the ceremony.


Albert E Minns Jr, Col, MSC