Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saipan and Pacific Islands fighting in WW2 on Flickr

Kathleen just loaded a bunch of pictures from the Island campaigns in the Pacific in World War 2. These photos are pretty gruesome and their caption reflect the heated attitude of the time - this is what the photographer wrote and sent back, and not what someone would use to caption a photograph today.


diane fessler said...

My book, NO TIME FOR FEAR, VOICES OF AMERICAN MILITARY NURSES IN WORLD WAR II, published by Michigan State University Press, contains more than 100 oral histories of nurses who served overseas in every theater of war. Your photos of Saipan reminded of nurses who served there, after the island was taken by the U.S. and then the hospitals cared for wounded from the Pacific Islands, mostly the battle in Iwo Jima. The first flight nurses, both army and navy, flew patients from the many battles in the Pacific to military hospitals on other islands.
Diane Burke Fessler

Mike Rhode said...

That sounds like a great research project - thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...
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