Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malaria Moe

Warren Bernard gave us a nice donation last week of some WW2 malaria education cartoons done by Frank Mack, and a further "donation" of more of the same that we can scan for our collection. We had some of the "Malaria Moe" cartoons and some of these calendar pages, but ours were from microfilm and are black and white. Warren gave us the color versions and even 65 years on, they're fabulous.


Melinda said...

Missed these!!! These colored images are great!!! I'm trying to remember if we have colored images or just the black & white images... will have to go digging!!!!!

Mike Rhode said...

if you've got the original drawings, they're probably black and white. These are printed pages. The initial images we had in the museum were b&w because they were printed from microfilm.