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Monday, March 22, 2010

Medical Education in 1920s China

There are many reprints in the Carnegie Embryological Collection about medical education in the early 20th century, mainly in the U.S. and Canada. This one, by E. V. Cowdry, is one of a number of similar articles that he wrote after a long trip to China and Japan in the 1920s. In this article he writes about how the schools melded traditional (like the Golden Mirror text here) and western medical practices. In other articles he shows a clear preference for the Japanese style of education for its greater inclusion of western methods. Cowdry started the Anatomy Department at the Peking Union Medical College (Beijing) which incorporated embryological research as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Code of Public Local Laws, City of Baltimore, 1882

Article 4, Section 154 Laws of Maryland 1882, Chapter 166 Page 168
Any public officer of Baltimore City or Baltimore County having charge of or control over the bodies of deceased persons required to be buried at the public expense, or at the expense of any institution supported by said city or county, shall notify the chairman of the Anatomy Board, said board being composed of a demonstrator of Anatomy of each medical school in the State of Maryland, of the existence and possession of of such bodies, and shall give permission to said Anatomy Board through its chairman or to any physician or surgeon of the State of Maryland, upon his request made therefore, to take such bodies within forty-eight hours after death, to be given by him, used within the State for the advancement of Medical Science ...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Anatomical collections manager Brian Spatola asked me to post this; he attended last year and thought it was good.

****** 10th ANNUAL SESSION ******

All interested parties are invited to apply for the
August 5 - 6
at the Indiana University School of Medicine - Northwest
Dunes Medical Professional Building
3400 Broadway
Gary, Indiana


PROGRAM SPONSORS: Rocco Prosthetics & Orthotic Center (Cincinnati, OH) and MORTECH Manufacturing (Azusa, CA).

Applications for the August 2009 NATIONAL Human Cadaver Prosection Program are now being accepted. All participants will learn human gross anatomy, radiology/medical imaging, and the art of skillful dissection of human cadavers. The CADAVER PROGRAM is an intensive experience of "hands-on" dissection. Participants who complete the
program will receive a certificate of completion, certification for work with biohazards & blood-borne pathogens, and honorarium (if available). SPECIAL Awards will be presented.

Representatives from Zimmer, Inc. (Zimmer Orthopedics) will conduct an on-site surgical, orthopedic workshop, and Rocco Prosthetics will present a special prosthetic session. [CME Credit is offered].

The Cadaver Prosection will be held on Wednesday, August 5 and Thursday, August 6, 2009, from 7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and will include 2 evenings of preparatory work in late June (out-of-state participants need not be present for the June sessions).

NEW for 2009, will be hands-on, interactive CT and MR imaging of human cadavers (for 10-12 selected participants) to take place in mid-July.

TO APPLY for this program, place the web address (below) into your browser, and then scroll down and click on the AUGUST 2009 NATIONAL HUMAN CADAVER PROSECTION PROGRAM link.

Please, follow the application instructions.

You need not be a medical professional or pre-medical student to participate. All are encouraged to apply. Prior participants have included pre-med and pre-vet, nursing, radiologic technology, mortuary science students, other undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, attorneys, lab technicians, etc. All application materials must be received no later than MAY 1, 2009. Accepted applicants will receive notification in early June.

For further information use the link above, or contact the program director:

Ernest F. Talarico, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Medical Education & Assistant Professor of
Anatomy & Cell Biology
Course Director, Human Gross Anatomy & Embryology
Director, NATIONAL Human Cadaver Prosection Program
Indiana University School of Medicine - Northwest Campus
Room 3028A (office); 3028 (lab); 2032 (anatomy lab)
3400 Broadway
Gary, Indiana 46408-1197
TEL: (219) 981-4356; FAX: (219) 980-6566
Email: (Prosection Program); (IUSM-NW)