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Code of Public Local Laws, City of Baltimore, 1882

Article 4, Section 154 Laws of Maryland 1882, Chapter 166 Page 168
Any public officer of Baltimore City or Baltimore County having charge of or control over the bodies of deceased persons required to be buried at the public expense, or at the expense of any institution supported by said city or county, shall notify the chairman of the Anatomy Board, said board being composed of a demonstrator of Anatomy of each medical school in the State of Maryland, of the existence and possession of of such bodies, and shall give permission to said Anatomy Board through its chairman or to any physician or surgeon of the State of Maryland, upon his request made therefore, to take such bodies within forty-eight hours after death, to be given by him, used within the State for the advancement of Medical Science ...


Brian Spatola said...

The DC Version. Still current Law even though the Board disbanded years ago because City Regulations give the Medical Examiner's Office oversight of all unclaimed remains (regardless of whether or not the death required investigation or not) and they stopped releasing them for anatomical use a very long time ago. After that all the local med schools started their own anatomical programs.

District of Columbia Official Code
Division I. Government of District.
Title 3. District of Columbia Boards and Commissions. (Refs & Annos)
Subtitle I. General.
Chapter 2. Anatomical Board. (Refs & Annos)
Current Section§ 3-202. Dead bodies for burial at public expense to be reported to Board; removal; exceptions.

Every public officer, agent, and servant, and every officer, agent, and servant of any and every almshouse, prison, jail, asylum, morgue, hospital, and other public institutions and offices having charge or control of dead human bodies requiring to be buried at public expense, shall notify said Anatomical Board, or such person as may be designated by the said Board, whenever any dead human body comes into his possession, charge, or control for burial at public expense. And every such officer, agent, and servant shall, upon application by said Anatomical Board or its agent, without fee or reward, and complying with Best Section End the laws and regulations governing the removal of dead human bodies in the District of Columbia, deliver every such body to said Board and permit said Board or its agent to take and remove the same. The notice aforesaid shall be given in writing and forwarded to said Anatomical Board within 24 hours after said officer, agent, or servant comes into possession, charge, or control of such body for burial, and shall include such material information as said Board may designate. But no such body shall be delivered if the deceased person, during his last illness, without suggestion or solicitation, requested to be buried or cremated; or if within the time specified above and before the actual delivery thereof any person claiming to be and satisfying the officer in charge of such body that he is of kindred or is related by marriage or domestic partnership, as that term is defined in § 32-701(4), to the deceased shall claim the said body for burial or cremation, or request in writing that it be buried at public expense; or if within the time specified above and before actual delivery any person claiming to be and satisfying the officer in charge of said body that he is a friend of the deceased arranges to have the same properly buried or cremated without expense to the District; or if the deceased person was a traveler who died suddenly; but in any such case said body shall be buried or delivered to said applicant for burial.

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