Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter of the day: January 31 (2 of 2)

Notice that the Soldier's Home, now firmly in DC, wasn't quite there in 1887.

January 31, 1887

Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 30th instant has been received. If you will have the kindness to send the man on a fair day, at an early opportunity, I shall be please to have a photograph taken of one side on an enlarged scale to show the supplementary nipple to better advantage.

Thanking you for your kind offer, I remain,
Very sincerely yours,
(Signed) John S. Billings
Surgeon U.S. Army
Curator Army Medical Museum

Byrne Major C.C.
Surgeon U.S. Army
Attending Surgeon Soldiers’ Home
Near Washington, D.C.

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Brian Spatola said...

Strange to me to say "near Washington DC" at the time this was written. The area of the city north of Florida ave was formerly considered distinct from DC and called Washington County but it was merged by congress in the 1870s. Maybe it took awhile for the merge to settle into the public mind. I am pretty sure it was in the same location it is today.