Saturday, January 30, 2010

WRAMC campus plan debate in Post

D.C. begins to plan redevelopment of Walter Reed campus
By Lisa Rein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, January 30, 2010

The article contains the intriguing "District officials said Thursday night that the September 2011 closing date had been pushed back, although it is not clear to when."


Jim Curley said...

First consideration for the reuse and redevelopment of portions of the current WRAMC given to hospitals; housing; recreation, green space and similar amenities; and other public uses? My 'irony meter' is redlining right now because this sounds like a perfect place for a museum. Perhaps even - given the history of the site - a medical museum with particular attention afforded to American military medicine!

Kathleen Stocker said...

I have to agree with Jim wholeheartedly. The money being allocated to the move and rehousing of the current museum could instead be spent to improve and expand the current facilities, especially because part of the current campus will be open to the public and therefore easier to access.
"Dale Smith, who is leading the project for the city's Department of Planning and Economic Development [says] 'We're going to do something that's outward-focused.'" The museum's mission exactly.

My own personal opinion and not that of the museum, DOD, or anyone else.

Brian Spatola said...

Jim and Kathleen, You should post your comments on the Post's site...