Friday, January 29, 2010

Letter of the Day: January 29 (1 of 5)

The photographs he refers to have not been catalogued and may no longer exist. Darn it.


County Clerk’s Office

John C. Johnston,

County Clerk


Newton, Kas. Jan 29, 1885


David Flynn

Army Medical Museum

Washington City DC


Dear Sir


If you remember I was in your Department last May (1884) and you had me photographed. I am the original of Cast No 1401 Shell wound in right side of my face, Battle of Spotsylvania CH [Court House] May 10 1864. You gave me several phots. But you said if I would write you would sand me some better ones when you had more leisure to get them up. If it is not asking too much I wish you would please send me ½ doz. of each side. I had both sides of my face taken etc.


Yours Truly

John C. Johnston

Newton PO

Harvey Co.



[1 doz Photographs sent April 9, 1885]

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