Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Med School

An anatomy class handbook and grade sheet from the University of Toronto, 1892. It's not shown here, but the only thing in bold inside the green-ish pamphlet is something like "No tobacco permitted in the dissection room." For anyone that has looked through Blast Book's Dissection pictures, Toronto seems pretty advanced in that respect.

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elockett said...

In the continuing cataloguing of te Carnegie Reprint Collection we have come across many article relating to teaching medicine. It appears the lack of time in the dissection lab and an in-ability to find qualified teachers was true in 1884 as well as 2010. One of my favorites is a printed copy of a lecture given in the early 1920's to the North Carolina State Medical Society. It's entitled "Modern Methods and Aids in the Study and Teaching of Anatomy at a Minimum Cost" by Lewis Gaines, Wake Forest College