Monday, April 20, 2009

The "New" Tom

As the newest member of the Museum, I am attempting to learn the ins and outs of this wonderful institution. After a week of "hazing" from the higher ups, (a.k.a. running around Walter Reed pleading for signatures and looking for offices,) I am now finally learning my duties as the Archives Technician. Thus far, my favorite thing has been admiring all of the old stuff. I realize that this seems a bit obvious, as I work in a museum, but I truly am constantly amazed by the images, documents and artifacts that I see around me. Sitting with Kathleen last week, I found myself in awe of the fact that the document in my hands had been written by someone in the late 19th century. Apologizing for feeling so giddy, Kathleen assured me that she still has similar thoughts when viewing older materials. I realize that this child-like sense of amazement is likely to fade the longer I work with the collection, but for now, my awe-inspired excitement is the driving force behind me getting in to work at 6:30am to ensure a parking space:) I feel compelled to give a shout out to all the staff members here at the Museum. I have greatly enjoyed meeting everyone and they have all been so kind and helpful. A special thanks to Brian and Jim for the "backstage" tours of the historical and anatomical collections last week; I am happy to admit that not a single nightmare came out of Brian's tour!


Paul S said...

Welcome Jasmine! As a former curator in anatomical I can assure you that once the place gets in your blood it never gets out. I've been gone five years, but still refer to the collections as "ours". And, Brian and Franklin are way scarier than they seem.

Mike Rhode said...

Jasmine's title refers to the fact that she's filling Tom Gaskins shoes managing the Medical Illustration Service Library, and since Tom had been around for 20 years, I've been introducing her as 'the new Tom' especially since she's less than 1/2 his age, and a lot slighter than Tom, whom I believe is enjoying his retirement.