Monday, February 25, 2008

Museum 'alumni' - Marc Micozzi

Sometimes we're asked what former staff members are doing. Dr. Marc Micozzi became the Museum's director in 1986, and left in the early 1990s for the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. An internet news search on the Museum brought up this press release from last year - "Marc Micozzi Appointed to Prestigious Advisory Board of UC Irvine Extension's 'Spa & Hospitality Management'' Certificate Program."

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Anonymous said...

In the 6+ years I was PAO at the Museum I was only asked about Dr. Micozzi's whereabouts once or twice. I'd compare that to the zillions of inquiries I got asking if we knew what became of John Dillinger's penis. Bottom line, the FAQ page I posted makes no mention of Dr. Micozzi but does talk about Mr. Dillinger!