Monday, February 25, 2008

Plastination and repatriation

Global Museum had links to a couple of articles of interest.

The first is on plastination - Gunter von Hagens developed this technique for preserving tissue in the 1980s and currently has exhibits touring the US including one in Baltimore now. The article deals with the question of where the human remains come from before they're plastinated. The Baltimore Sun's blog goes into more details.

The second is on repatriation, or the return of material originating with another culture. This article focuses on New Zealand, but the NMHM has repatriated material in the past, and has had ceremonies in its space.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the ceremony was held by a tree near the gazebo opposite the chapel across the street from the museum, but otherwise, you are correct. (See Flesh & Bones, Vol. 3, No. 1 for more...)

Mike Rhode said...

There was a ceremony in Russell Auditorium as well, Stephen.