Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to an experiment

Hello. My name is Mike Rhode, and I'm the chief archivist of the Otis Historical Archives, one of 5 collecting divisions of the museum. The entire museum staff's been invited and we'll see who else joins us here. Since Blogger is blocked by the IT department at work, this will be a labor of love (or something of the sort) done after hours.

Due to a large scanning project, we've been generating digital content - a lot of digital content - and trying to figure out how to make it available to the public more easily. Our 3 Flickr sites for favorite photographs selected by Archives staff - 1 and 2 and 3 - became a major success last month when BoingBoing linked to them, so I thought I'd try another element of the Web 2.0 concept to get information out. There's at least one other medical museum blog that I know of - Biomedicine on Display: Medical Museion @ University of Copenhagen.

We've been fairly aggressive about posting material on our collections and Museum to our website, so click on the link in the upper right corner and explore that too please. More to follow.

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