Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letter of the Day: November 11 (2 of 2)

Ward’s Natural Science Establishment,
College Avenue (opposite University),
Rochester, N.Y., Nov. 11 1884

Dr. John Billings, Washington.

Dear Sir,

I have for the past fortnight been greatly busy in packing and shipping 10 car-loads of specimens to the World’s Exposition at New Orleans.

And now I must follow them day after tomorrow, to stay there for six weeks, or until New Years. This leaves me no time to go through my stock and my late African acquisitions and pick out things which I can offer you.

I must request you to kindly wait on me for this until my return from the South, when I will give it prompt attention.

Respectfully yours

Henry A. Ward.

We have set aside for you the Elephant skull – to ship to you with other things later.

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