Friday, November 12, 2010

Letter of the Day: November 12

Mangum, Green Co., Okla [Oklahoma]
Nov. 12th [18]94

Dr. John Billings
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir

I have in my possession a Skeleton of a man that was found in a cave in the mountain in the west part of this AV[?] found by Mr. Braidy a Lofer Wolf skinner.* The Skeleton looks to be about forty years old [sic] that is the man lost his life about forty years ago the bones are all sound as it was found in a very dry place found with it an old filint [Flint] Lock Rifle gun[,] five files, Sword and Several othe[r] trinkets – though some of the thing[s] greatly damaged by rust you can plainly see what they are

Judge Eastorr of Vernon Tex called on me to see the Skeleton and gun +c. and thinks it is the remains of one Col. Blacks [sic] party that started out in 1836 to explore this country all of this party were killed and captured by Indians save three only three returned to there [sic] Homes to tell there [sic] story

I am offered $10.00 for the outfit here but I want more I will box it up and ship it to you for $25.00

Awaiting your Answer

A.R. Wilson
Maugum, Okla

*The “loafer wolf” was also known as the Great Plains or “buffalo wolf” due to its enormous size and fearsome reputation. Early settlers in the west put a $10 bounty on the buffalo wolf and it was extinct by 1926. Wolf subspecies/taxonomy: canis lupus nubilus.

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