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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walter Reed Pictorial History featured in Library Journal

This week's Library Journal includes its most recent edition of "Notable Government Documents for 2009." The Walter Reed Centennial book that Mike and I and several others worked on is included in this list. What an honor. 

This is what they say:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Centennial: A Pictorial History, 1909–2009. ed. by John R. Pierce & others. Borden Inst. 2009. 279p. illus. maps. SuDoc # D104.2:W17/8. GPO Stock # 008-000-01020-0. ISBN 978-0-9818228-3-9. $35.

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC, and its predecessor, Walter Reed General Hospital, have treated millions of active and retired personnel from every branch of the military. This collection of photographs and text pays tribute to the center's legacy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Civil War plastic surgery article I helped on

I just ran across this - "The first civil war photographs of soldiers with facial wounds," Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Springer New York, ISSN 0364-216X (Print) 1432-5241 (Online), Volume 19, Number 3 / May, 1995. This was largely written by my late friend Dr. Blair Rogers, although I can still pick out the parts I wrote - mostly the photo history. They've even put up the full text as a pdf that can be downloaded. Blair really pushed me into writing about the Civil War photographs, and I appreciate his efforts (perhaps more now than I did in the early 1990s.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Book review out

The staff writes regularly for various publications and this seems like a good place to mention them. I got a copy of something I wrote in the mail a couple of days ago - “Book Review: Rehabilitating Bodies: Health, History and the American Civil War. By Lisa A. Long,” Journal of Southern History 74:1 (February 2008), 196-197.

We're also all writing a regular column for Scientist Magazine, edited by the Museum's Director Dr. Adrianne Noe and I'll try to get a list of those up.