Friday, September 24, 2010

Last day for the Museum's scanning contract

Today is the last day for the scanning contract that we were able to be on as part of the AFIP. As the dissolution of AFIP accelerates, the contract has also shrunken, and the possible last year of it is being used to scan as many accession record microfilms as possible. We didn’t quite finish all the parts of our projects, but we did a lot of work.


The work was done by a company that moved along from being Information Management Corporation, to National Interest Security Company, to currently being a division of IBM. Scores of people worked on this project, at AFIP and the Museum, in scanning labs in West Virginia, and in our warehouses in Maryland. I won’t try to list them because over almost a decade, I know I’d leave some important ones out. The project was complex and all of the images had to be catalogued before being scanned, because you need a computer record of the original to hook the scan up to. You can see some of the products on this blog, and thousands of them on the Flickr site. The Walter Reed history book used images catalogued and scanned for this, and the upcoming AFIP history will too.


This contract really did a lot for us over the years. Over 1.25 million scans of museum documents are now available electronically. It’s going to be a great resource.


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