Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letter of the Day: September 9

United States National Museum

Under Direction of

The Smithsonian Institution

Washington Sept. 9. 1886


Dear Sir:


I venture to request that you will lend me, for a few days, the mounted skeleton of Logenorhynchus acutus [aka Atlantic white-sided dolphin] in the Army Medical Museum. I have a paper on the genus Logenorhynchus in preparation and am desirous of comparing an authentic European specimen of the species referred to with others from our own Atlantic coast in this museum.


If you find it possible to grant my request, I will arrange to send a wagon for the specimen.


Very respectfully


Frederick W. True.

Curator of Mammals


Dr. J.S. Billings, U.S.A. +c

Director, U.S. Army Med. Museum.



Answered by Dr. Billings in person Sept 11. 86.


Prof True sent for No 2489. Sect. Comp Anatomy Sept 11, 1886, + the specimen was delivered to the messenger.

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