Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter of the Day: September 29

[There were so many bird collectors in the Army that there’s a book about them – Ornithologists of the United States Army Medical Corps by Hume]


Madisonville, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Sept. 29th 1879


Dear Sir


I send you today, per Express (M+C. care of Adams) as directed, a box containing the following species of birds in the flesh, for the Army Medical Museum; (for skeletons).



Deudioeca castanea

Deudoieca blackburniae

Turdus swainsoni

Pyranga aestiva

Passerella iliaca

Aegialitis vociferous


Hoping that they may reach you in good order, I have the honor to be

Very respectfully yours

Frank W. Langdon


C.H. Crane

Asst. Surgeon General, U.S.A.



Received at A.M.M. Oct. 2, 1879, + turned over to Dr. Woodward, in charge of the Sec. of Comparative Anatomy.  Copy of this letter furnished Dr. Schafhirt Oct. 7 1879, by order of Mr. Myers.

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