Friday, September 10, 2010

New World War 1 scrapbook donated to Archives

Here’s information on one of our latest acquisitions – a really interesting scrapbook from the Great War.



Guide # OHA 213.5 Leach Scrapbook


Album of photographs of World War I facial case reconstructions and other surgical injuries. Dr. Charles Leach Sr. was born July 2 1884, and got a BA in Chemistry and an MD from Stanford University. He interned at San Francisco General Hospital in 1910. He joined the Commission for Relief in Belgium in 1916, then the US Army Medical Corps in 1917. From 1919-1920, he worked for the American Relief Administration. In 1920-1921 he earned a MPH from Johns Hopkins and after that joined the Rockefeller Foundation. For the rest of his career, he worked in public health. Dr. Leach died in 1971.





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