Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Accession of the day, March 9

I'm pretty sure that 6 years part can't be true.

A.M.M. [Army Medical Museum] No. 10156
Pathological Section

Washington, D.C.
March 9, 1891

Robinson Dr. C.B.
Veterinary Surgeon

Foetal bones, said to have been discharged from the uterus of a mare, about 12 years old. Owned by Senator J.S. Barbour of Virginia.

It is stated that she had not been put to a horse for 6 years.

History received verbally
Specimen received Mar. 8, 1891

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Brian Spatola said...

The Anatomical Division still has this specimen. It appears that this was from an ectopic pregnancy where the fetus died, became necrotic and further decomposed inside the mother's body. The remains were not discharged for 6 years. This is a similar environment to that which produces a lithopedion which would have calcified soft tissue in addition to the skeleton. The museum has a lithopedion from a human that stayed in the mother for over 50 years.