Thursday, March 11, 2010

Representing contemporary medicine in museums -- Copenhagen 16-18 September 2010

Here's a conference announcement from our colleague Thomas Soderqvist (whose blog was the inspiration for this one).

How do museums today handle the material and visual heritage of contemporary medical and health science and technology? How do curators wield the increasing amount and kinds of more or less intangible and invisible scientific, medical and digital objects? Which intellectual, conceptual, and practical questions does this challenge give rise to?

We're aiming for two intensive days with visually enhanced presentations, good discussions and excellent food in beautiful surroundings.

 Read the full call here: or here:
Further information here:

 Send proposals for presentations, panels etc. to, not later than Monday 29 March.

Program committee:
Ken Arnold, Wellcome Collection, London
Robert Bud, Science Museum, London
Judy Chelnick, National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.
Mieneke te Hennepe, Boerhaave Museum, Leiden
Thomas Soderqvist, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen (chair).

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