Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter of the Day: March 3 (2 of 2)

Brooklyn, Mar. 3. 68


My dear Doctor,


Your favor of the 29th Ult. Is just received and I feel greatly obliged to you for the advice you have tendered me in reference to Francis, of which I shall avail myself.


It is a pity that the examining surgeons of Brooklyn have been ill-chosen. None of them enjoys reputation or public confidence, and Burdick belongs to the eclectic school of quackery. I doubt very much whether one of them is capable to realize the actual condition of the patient. However I will assist in the matter and see that justice is meted out in the premises.


The specimen you refer to is at your disposal and will be sent with the others, if you deem it worth your while to add it to the museum. I am however, unable to furnish you with the items of the case to which I paid no attention when at Fortress Monroe.  Dr. Bontecou of Troy N.Y. may be able to furnish you with the desired information, for he was the medical director of the Hygeia Hospital at the time. The specimen intended for you I shall send at my swiftest leisure.


Very sincerely yours

Louis Bauer


Geo A. Otis, M.D.

Lieut. Col.  & Asst. Surg. U.S.A.


PS In what way will I send it so as to incur no expenses.



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