Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter of the day, March 30

I was just talking with our Registrar this morning about how people hate to do paperwork.

Surgeon General’s Office
Washington D.C.
March 30” 1865.


The Reports of Wounded, Surgical Operations &c from the Hospital under your charge for the quarter ending September 30” 1864 have not as yet been received and the several circulars sent you from this office have been disregarded.

The Surgeon General directs that the reports be prepared and forwarded immediately.

Very respectfully,
Your obdt. Servt.
C.H.C. [Deputy Surgeon General Charles H Crane, but probably Otis]
Surgeon U.S.A.

Asst. Surg. H. Allen U.S.A.
In charge “Mt. Pleasant” U.S. General Hospital
Washington D.C.

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