Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get Your Links Here

A few links that have been piling up the last few days:
  • DC Confidential posted another blog about the Museum! Read it. (Thanks, DC Confidential!)
  • Medgadget posted on two interesting topics: Using Mirrors to Treat Phantom Pain, and Accu-Circ for a Safer, Happier Bris. The latter is linked to, well, because I couldn't resist. The image of the device and its intended use... The first link seemed relevant as Museum staff often get a chance to interact with wounded and recovering servicemembers in and around the Museum on the campus at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  • Street Anatomy links to a new blog called Revealed, about scientific and medical illustration.
  • Information technology challenges are part of the price of doing business in today's rapidly evolving tech environment, and we're certainly not unused to dealing with those sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Musematic posted a few bullets from a Wall Street Journal story that illustrated some interesting parallels.
  • And PreservationNation, a blog from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, offers an update on the Army's progress with repairing, or not, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Anonymous said...

DC Confidential had a nice little story, but please note that the museum does NOT have Lincoln's death mask. On display are copies by sculptor Avarel Fairbanks of Abraham Lincoln's LIFE mask and hands made by Leonard Volk in 1860.
Steven Solomon
Public Affairs Officer, 2000-2007
National Museum of Health and Medicine