Friday, March 7, 2008

New pics on Flickr

I put up five photographs today that were part of last year's scanning project.

This one's been popular:

Poliomyelitis. Transmission Experiment with Aedes aegypti. (although polio is not transmitted by mosquitos).


Reeve 10795
American soldier wounded but still happy. Boureuilles, Meuse, France. 09/26/1918.

Reeve 085182-19
"Healthy, Happy Companionship. The community that provides - wholesome family life, - healthy recreation, - V.D. education will protect its young people." Ontario. Issued by the Ontario Provincial Department of Health, circa World War 2.

Reeve 000303-A
[summer night crowd watching motion picture, circa World War 1. "Fit to Fight" anti-venereal disease film showing?]

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