Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Internet and Museums: Perfect Together

I've made an effort (mostly reading other blogs, of course, the source of all real information, right?), since starting at the Museum, to keep an eye out for any sort of 'best practices' papers or research that helps support positive growth and new ideas in the museum world. There's lots of good stuff, for sure, but this came across the wires the other day.

I came across a blog post at that links to a new study which tries to put down the theory that the Internet is doing some irreparable harm to museums and libraries. The report was done with the support of several universities and the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. The report itself is online at and much like the museum blogger linked above, I've only scanned the main conclusions slides, but it seems persuasive.

I wonder now how much this gets noticed in the community.

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