Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Veterinary Corps researcher

A short while ago I wrote about Mike Lemish, who's interested in Military Working Dogs used in Vietnam, and said there was another researcher who's found some treasures in our Veterinary Corps collection. Greg Krenzelok's interest lies with the Corps during World War 1, when his grandfather, Sergeant Leonard Patrick Murphy served, and he has a web page where he relates what he's found and solicits information that others are willing to pass along. His particular interest lies with the horses used during the war, and is looking for pictures such as this one showing a horse being prepared for surgery.

Reeve 14727

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Lanie said...

thats soooooo cruel! i mean i see that the horse needs help but i think it would actually be better if it were put down! I mean, once it is fixed(or if it ever is fixed) they will put it straight back into the war! its so stupid! its like they dont even care about horses! so if they dont care, im just going to have to care for them. Horses are the best thing to me and I love them sooooooooo much! if horses went extinct(they wont) i would CRY AND BALL MY EYES OUT! anyways! i think that this is a cruels thing and please comment if you think so too! thanks! STOP THE CRUELTY OF HUMANS AND ANUMALS! (if you have a strong stomach look up neglected or abused horses on google images and you will see how people disrespect horses so much) thanks again!