Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Link Craziness

Links happen, and they make for a safe first post, right? So, click away, but come back. Please.

  • We're getting ready for Brain Awareness Week, in case you didn't notice, and so is SharpBrains.
  • Morbid Anatomy pointed out Mutter's new photo exhibition.
  • People at work will be surprised to learn that I am a bit of disaster preparation fanatic - seriously, I've read too much about this for my own good - so when I saw a post about a museum doing due-diligence crisis planning, I was actually pretty excited. Anyway, now that I've outed my fascination with disasters, I'll link to Musematic's discussion on the topic, with the awesome post title The Big One. (And I'll admit that I too am often excited by the 'prospect of digital disaster' as the post goes on to discuss.)
  • I am still learning a lot about museums but I read this very educational blog, and while some of it still blows past me, it's worthwhile reading.
  • The Museum itself (notice, I capitalize 'Museum' when I refer to the institution; I do that because we're awesome and the capital letter is just one way to characterize that, at least in my own mind) was the beneficiary of some link love recently, so please consider clicking over and checking these blogs out.
  • All good link posts need to come to an end, but not without the capstone link for tonight: Check out 'Photography in the O.R.' over at Medgadget, courtesy of Boing Boing.

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