Thursday, January 8, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Exhibit Coming up at NMHM, exhibit poster by Navjeet Singh Chhina

I think this came out really well, 
I want to thank Kathleen Stocker,
who was very generous with her 
time and scanned these for me
as well as photographed 
the litho of Lincoln.
Thanks also to Mike Rhode,
for his time as well. Because
content is so important, and 
the right content is all important
they made it very easy for me
to just do my job and design.
I did this in Photoshop 
and Indesign.  What I think 
museum visitors will find interesting
is that with the exception of the Harpers
drawing, all of the other components in
this exhibit poster came from actual 
artifacts in the Otis Archives from NMHM. Including the very rare
signature of Lincoln, which includes his full first name instead of the 
A. Lincoln signature.

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