Friday, January 9, 2009

Brains on our minds

One of us came across this great blog post today "100 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About The Human Brain." Check that out.  We know a few things about brains at the Museum

Earlier today, we were oh-so-close to having the brain and spinal cord on display (part of the Blackburn collection, in the Human Body exhibit) featured on Brazilian TV. In the end, they chose a different background for the brief intro they were filming in the Museum. It's always fun (read that with a tinge of sarcasm) having film crews in for one purpose or another. But I do appreciate the brevity that news film crews bring to their work: quick, to the point, get it right the first time.  The stories I could tell about documentary film crews, though...

One cool trick that the on-air reporter employed today: he recorded his script into a handheld digital audio recorder, then had that running into his ear via a very small earpiece, similar to an IFB system more often seen on newsroom sets. So, his delivery was umimpeded by looking down into a script, and he was able to focus on the camera.  He said it was an old radio trick; I put it into the 'you learn something new each day' category.

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