Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 7: Museum exhibit manager Steve Hill speaking on Resolved exhibit design

This is one of AFIP's professional education lectures, but I imagine if one wanted to attend, one could.

The following lecture is presented by the National Museum of Health and Medicine

Date/Time: 07 Jan 09/1100am
Location: Dart Auditorium
Speaker(s): Steven Hill
Exhibits Manager
National Museum of Health and Medicine

“RESOLVED: Turning a good idea, clinical expertise, and field experience into a museum exhibit”

To explain how a scientific/health museum exhibit is created from the ground up

Talk will cover all aspects of turning an idea—in this case the United States’ commitment to individual identification of its war dead—into an museum exhibit. Subtopics will include differences between museum exhibit and other forms of communication/education, how concepts are refined and broken down into topics that can be visually presented in a museum setting, selection and security of artifacts, exhibit design and visitor flow, construction and installation.

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