Friday, January 16, 2009

Four more from the Ball Collection

I was able to get back to Ball today and had to scan these when I found them.

Acc 19322
Sarcoma of the iris and
Syphilitic iritis

Acc 19321
Marginal eczema pustule and
Epithelioma involving both the cornea and conjunctiva

Acc 19320
Spring conjunctivitis

Acc 19319
Recent scleritis


astropop said...

How can these Ball Collection images keep getting better and better? How vast is this collection??

Mike Rhode said...

Hundreds of pieces. Kathleen's still cleaning the finding aid, but we should have it up on the main museum site this month.

Kathleen Stocker said...

And I would like to note that I've scanned very, very few from the collection because of time constraints. Also, if I've already scanned something similar, even if it's from a different publication, I generally won't scan it.

This is an incredible collection and I've enjoyed every minute working on it.