Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter of the Day: April 18 - Birds?

Mearns House,
Highland Falls, N.Y.

Office of Edgar A. Mearns, M.D.
Wednesday, April 18th, 1883


I am desirous of learning something of the character of Army Medical Museum, at Washington, D.C.

I am about to enter the service as Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army; and, as I have several thousands of bird-skins, birds’ eggs, reptiles, batrachians, fishes, mammals, a botanical collection, etc. in my collection, which I have gotten together with great expense and labor, I think some of making a donation to the Museum, but would like, first, to learn something of the Museum, its objects, the kind of objects which it desires, and the disposal made of them.

I have, also, a small series of Botanical specimens representing the plants useful in medicine and which have toxic effects, belonging to the Flora of this region.

Please inform me, and greatly oblige.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant
Edgar A. Mearns

To the Curator of the Army Medical Museum,
Washington, D.C.

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