Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letter of the Day: April 22 - buying the Gibson collection

Medical Director’s office

First Military District, State of Virginia,

Richmond, Va., April 22nd 1868


Dear Doctor


I bought the Gibson Collection this morn for $1015. I gave the 15 additional over the sum authorized by the S.G. because I did not want to lose the collection for such a small sum + rather than it should be lost to the Army Museum would give the extra amt. myself. When there was added a collection of 25 or 30 calculi not on the catalogue and which I knew you wanted very much – some being very valuable + rare.


Gross was prepared to go to 750 himself + 250 for another party if it had been sold by lot or specimens. I will make a formal report to the Surgeon General tomorrow.


I have not received the list promised by the S.G. of such specimens most wanted + the price annexed.


Will write you again in a few days.


Yours truly,


John H. Janeway



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