Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter/Accession of the day, April 12 (2)

A two-fer:

Govt. Hospital for Insane

Of the Army and Navy
Washington, D.C. April 12, 1877

J.J. Woodward, M.D.

Dear Sir:

I desire to send to the Museum to be retained there if not judged unsuitable – a plaster Medallion – life size,- in plain gilt frame, about 20x18 in[?]. The Medallion represents a young soldier dead on the field of battle – name unknown – the model was molded hastily by an Artist-soldier, who in passing noticed the sweet, cold expression of the youthful face, and after the war, made a cast, which coming into my possession, I have considered worth preserving now for some years. The bust is not finely finished – but well defined, perhaps I overrate its value through countless associations with that terrible period embracing the Years of the “War of the Rebellion”. It seems to me worth adding to some collection, and I offer it for place in the Museum you so ably and very successfully have through years of severe labor brought to a condition of largest value as a National Institution.

With affection and esteem,
(signed) D.L. Dix

[this is Dorothea Dix]

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