Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Letter of the Day: December 1

David’s Island N.Y. Harbor

Dec. 1. 1872




Your communication of June 25th 1872, requesting the pathological specimen in the case of Pvt. Burroughs Co F. 7th Inf was not received until to day, it having been send to Fort Buford – thence misdirected to Fort Shaw, again forwarded to Fort Buford and finally sent from that post to me through the Surgeon-General’s Office.


In reply I would respectfully state that the pathological specimen in question, after having been dissected by Dr. Barbour and myself was retained some days while we endeavored to find a jar at once suitable for its preservation and safe transportation. The specimen being large we did not succeed and finally disposed of it by burying on the prairie at some distance from the post. It would now be impractical to recover it.


Very respectfully

Your Obedient servant

W. Matthews

Asst Surg. U.S. Army


Asst Surg Geo A. Otis. U.S.A.

Curator A.M.M.

Washington. D.C.

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