Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letter of the Day: December 14

USA General Hospital No. 5
Frederick City Md. Dec. 14th 1862

Surgeon Brinton USA


I have learned that there is now connected with the Medical Department of the Army, an Anatomical Museum under your charge, I have a couple of dry specimens. One of the Knee Joint, the other Foetus, which I requested Surgeon Keene to inform you of , I would be pleased to have you present them to the Surgeon Gen'l from me - I prepared them while reading Medicine at Hartford Conn. I have Written my father to have them Expressed to you.

I have been some time in preparing specimens here, I should be pleased if I could be Transferred to Washington for duty under your charge, as I have a great taste for Anatomy. Please let me hear if you have received them or not + oblige.

I am your Obt Servant

H.S. Hannen
Medical Cadet, USA


Kurt Patel said...

Very good blog.
But first time came to know the abbreviation for OBEDIENT. WHICH IS "obt"

Mike Rhode said...

We generally transcribe as is, with a (sic) marking obvious misspellings, but you'll see a lot of different abbreviations for obedient in these letters.